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Oct-2005-2-Abe-Hitoshi-Toh-Vol-21.jpg TITLE: Abe Hitoshi Toh Vol. 21
  • Published by Kyotoshoin, 1992
  • 232 x 310 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 48 pages, 43 photos (color)
  • Language Japanese and English
  • Part of the 100-volume Toh Series. This volume is devoted to potter Abe Hitoshi. He made a career in Japanese fine cuisine and painting, as well as establishing his own style in ceramics. This book carries 43 color photos of his work, consisting of flower vases, tsubo (jars) and objet that he produced in 1988-1991 in the Shigaraki and Iga styles. Some commentary, list of works, and artist profile in English.


TITLE: Akiyama Yo, Toh Vol. 62
  • Published by Kyotoshoin, 1993
  • 232 mm X 310 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 48 pages, 31 photos (Color)
  • Language Japanese and English
  • Akiyama Yo's ceramics start with the idea of pearing a clay surface. His works of black clay, fired in a gas burner, have developed into various forms, from plates to cylinders. This book carries 31 works made from 1985 to 1992. A wonderful collection of works by one of the contemporary masters of the Clay Work movement.


Eiraku-Zengoro-16th.jpg TITLE: Eiraku Zengoro the 16th
  • Authors Koichi Eiraku & Nagashi Ohara
  • Published by Mitsumurasuikoshoin, 1995
  • 286 x 395 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 354 pages, 265 photos (color and B&W)
  • Language Japanese only
  • Opening essays on this celebrated Kyoto ceramist written by leading Tea masters. Showcases 258 works, all in color, of chawan, tea jars, and other Tea utensils. All large single page photos. Black and white photos in back of predecessor's works and seals. Dozens of B&W photos of Eiraku's life, Eiraku family lineage chart, signed box photos, comments on works, and bibliography follow in Japanese only. Deluxe embossed box.


TITLE: Eizo Miwa
The Ceramics Works of Eizo Miwa

  • Published by Abe Shuppan, 2001
  • 225 x 280 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 130 pages, 114 photos (color and B&W)
  • Language Japanese and English
  • Eizo Miwa (1946-1999) was born the third son of Kyusetsu Xl in the illustrious Miwa family of Hagi. He studied under his uncle, the famous Kyuwa (Kyusetsu X), the first living national treasure for Hagi-yaki. This hardcover book looks at the works Eizo produced in his career, including the chawan he started making from age 50. All in all 114 works shown in color photos. Opening essays in both Japanese and English, as are the photo captions and biography.


Fujihira-Shin-Exhibition-5-TN.jpg TITLE: Fujihira Shin Exhibition
  • Published by Paramita Museum, 2004
  • 227 X 300 mm
  • Soft cover
  • 64 pages, 96 photos (color)
  • Language Japanese only
  • Fujihira Shin (1922-) is a Kyoto potter who delights in creating playful ceramic art, truly one of Japan's hidden gems. His work was recently shown at the Paramita Museum and this is the exhibition catalog showing 96 works including drawings; all works are shown in color photos. Photo captions, essays, and list of works included. Japanese language only.


2005-Jan-4-Fujimoto-Yoshimichi-Phantom-Dinner-Set-Showa-Emperor.jpg TITLE: Fujimoto Yoshimichi
Phantom Dinner Set for The Showa Emperor

  • Published by Kikuchi Foundation, 2004
  • 220 X 270 mm
  • Soft cover
  • 112 pages, 83 photos (color)
  • Language Japanese and English
  • A detailed and extensive color catalogue of the "phantom dinner set" made for the Showa Emperor by the late Living National Treasure Fujimoto Yoshimichi (Nodo). Considered "phantom tableware" because Fujimoto spent a tremendous amount of time in preparing the set, knowing that the set would only be used once by the Emperor. Made in 1976, the dinner set consists of 230 pieces and designed in signature Japanese lotus patterns, for example, motifs that give the set a feel of authentic Japanese pottery, although the dinner set itself is actually made in a Western style of tableware. Along with the phantom set, 80 works by Fujimoto made in overglaze color enamel. All works in color. English captions for each photo, along with an English introduction and English work listings.


4-Gouda-Yosimichi-Worldin-an-Earthen-Vessel.jpg TITLE: Gouda Yoshimichi
The World in an Earthen Vessel
Exhibition Catalogue from the Mashiko Togei Messe

  • Published by Mashiko Municipal Corporation, 2002
  • 225 x 210 mm
  • Soft cover
  • 80 pages, 120 photos (color and B&W)
  • Language Japanese (some English)
  • Gouda moved to Mashiko to learn from Hamada Shoji, and later created his own Mashiko ware with original designs and forms inspired by his experience in Korea. This catalogue shows 102 photos of his ceramic works, drawings and calligraphy. List of works in English.


Toh-Vol-82-Shuroku-Harada.jpg TITLE: Harada Shuroku
Toh Vol. 82

  • Published by Kyotoshoin, 1993
  • 232 x 310 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 48 pages, 42 color photos
  • Language Japanese and English
  • Part of the 100 volume TOH series, this volume is devoted to Bizen potter Harada Shuroku. Harada is a recent winner of the prestigious Japan Ceramic Society Award and creates Bizen in the same spirit as Ko-Bizen, or Old Bizen. Opening essay by Kuroda Kusaomi is bi-lingual as is the list of works in the back. Large color photos show 42 works as well as a shot of his kiln and the man himself. A brief biography is also included. A fine book for any Bizen fan.


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