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TITLE: Wada Morihiro, Toh Vol. 19
  • Published by Kyotoshoin, 1992
  • 232 x 310 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 48 pages, 44 photos (color)
  • Language Japanese and English
  • Wata Morihiro makes ceramics in a wide variety of creative forms and patterns. He pursues his own forms, inspired by the clay that surrounds him. His incised lines and clay-slip techniques result in sophisticated patterns that captivate the imagination. Book includes 44 works and sketches.


TITLE: Yagi Kazuo- A Retrospective
  • Published by Nihon Keizai Simbunsha, 2004
  • 227 X 280 mm
  • Soft cover
  • 328 pages, 298 photos (color and B&W)
  • Language Japanese and English
  • Being one of the thickest exhibition catalogs ever seen, Yagi Kazuo's (1918-1979) retrospective catalog is a major look at one of Japan�fs all-time greatest ceramic artists. The exhibition started in Yagi's birthplace of Kyoto and travels to four locales ending in late 2005. Yagi was a founding member of the influential Sodeisha group along with Suzuki Osamu and Yamada Hikaru; their influence on Japanese ceramics cannot be overestimated. The catalog features 298 works all in color photos, opening essay, list of works and brief biography in Japanese and English; all other interviews, essays, biography, and bibliography in Japanese only.


TITLE: Yoshida Yoshihiko, Toh Vol. 56
  • Published by Kyotoshoin, 1992
  • 232 mm X 310 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 48 pages, 40 photos (color)
  • Language Japanese and English
  • Yoshida Yoshihiko is a well known ceramist who began his ceramic career under the tutelage of Living National Treasure Arakawa Toyozo, and received a reputation for his Kohiki (white slip) ware. This catalogue carrys 40 works of tea bowls and vases formed by mentori (faceting) techniques, along with such styles as Kohiki, Setoguro, Red Shino, Kokutou (black ceramics), and Shigaraki. English summary and list of works attached.


TITLE: Zenji Miyashita
Toh Vol. 37

  • Published by Kyotoshoin, 1992
  • 232 X 310 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 48 pages, 34 photos (color and B&W)
  • Language Japanese and English
  • Another fine book from the 100-book Toh series this time focusing on the internationally acclaimed Kyoto ceramic artist Zenji Miyashita. A paragraph by Miyashita explains his work and then we are treated to 34 color photos of his kaleidoscopic works. Photo captions in Japanese only, profile in Japanese and English.


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