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SUBSCRIPTION: Tokobo Quarterly
  • Quarterly Journel (four times yearly)
  • One year subscription
  • Dimensions 210 X 297 mm
  • Published by Seibundoshinkosha
  • Language Japanese only
  • Tokobo is a magazine for the working potter, or those interested in pottery creating processes. Each issue basically introduces a form or style and then has a famous potter showing how it's done in step-by-step photographs. Past issues include "Making Shino, Hayashi Shotaro (#15) and Suzuki Osamu (#24);" "Making Echizen, Kumano Kuroemon;" "Tsubo and Vases, Furutani Michio;" and "Making Tenmoku-glazed wares, Kimura Moriyasu." Issue 30 looks at kyusu (small sencha teapots) made by living national treasure Yamada Jozan lll. The other feature looks into how to make celadon vases and koro by the young and talented Uraguchi Masayuki. Other side articles are about firing a gas kiln, using an electric wheel, and various construction methods.


8B.JPG SUBSCRIPTION: Tojiro Quarterly
  • Quarterly Journel (four times yearly)
  • One Year Subscription
  • Dimensions 210 X 287 (mm)
  • Published by Hutabasha
  • Language (Japanese only)
  • One of Japan's most widely respected journals on pottery.


SUBSCRIPTION: Honoho Geijutsu Quarterly
  • Quarterly Journal (four times yearly)
  • One Year Subscription
  • Published by Abe Shuppan
  • Dimensions 181 X 256 (mm)
  • Language (Japanese only)
  • One of Japan's most widely respected journal's on pottery.


tsukuru-tojiro-subscribe-july2002.gif SUBSCRIPTION: Tsukuru Tojiro Quarterly
  • Quarterly Journal (four times yearly)
  • One Year Subscription
  • Published by Hutabasha
  • Dimensions 210�~287 (mm)
  • Language (Japanese only)
  • Tojiro is a leading quarterly devoted to exploring the world of Japanese ceramic art. An offshoot quarterly they have is called Tsukuru Tojiro; tsukuru means "to make." Tsukuru Tojiro is a potter's delight in that it shows step-by-step photos of the different details and processes of making pottery. Past issues have dealt with kilns, wheels, glazes, and clay. A very useful visual tool for any working potter.


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