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TITLE: 50 Ceramists of New Style in Japan
  • Published by INAX, 2005
  • 210 mm X 298 mm
  • Soft cover
  • 176 pages, 209 photos (color and B&W)
  • Language Japanese only
  • Commemorative publication of 50th exhibition in a series entitled "New Style Ceramics" in Japan. Covers 50 ceramists, with every two pages devoted to a single artist, with artist profile and comments, and photos of artist's work. Spans from Yoshikawa Masamichi's inaugural show in 1999, to as recent as Aoki Katsuyo in 2005. A book that fully embraces the importance of object ceramists in Japan today. In Japanese only.


2005-Jan-3-Ceramic-Artists-Modern-Japan.jpg TITLE: 125 Ceramic Artists of Modern Japan
  • Author Kusaomi Kuroda
  • Published by Shogakukan, 2005
  • 183 x 247 mm
  • Soft cover
  • 256 pages, 203 photos (color)
  • Language Japanese only
  • Kuroda Kusaomi, the owner of the esteemed Shibuya Kuroda Toen, introduces 125 Japanese potters of modern Japan, ranging from the legendary Kitaoji Rosanjin to potters still in their 20s. Introducing in detail 10 great potters representative of modern Japan, along with 27 potters from Bizen, 14 potters from Karatsu and Hagi, 11 potters from Kyoto and Shiga (Shigaraki), 13 potters from Aichi and Mie (Seto and Iga), 17 potters from Gifu (Mino), 11 potters from Fukui, Ishikawa, Niigata and Nagano, and 22 potters from Shizuoka, Kanto, Tohoku, and Hokkaido. Two works are listed for each potter, along with specific potter profiles, and a glossary of basic pottery terms are given. Expert advice from Kuroda on how to nurture an "eye" for good works is also given. In Japanese only.


Chusei-no-Seyu-Toki-Medieval-Glazed-Wares-Seto-Mino.jpg TITLE: Chusei no Seyu Toki
Medieval Glazed Wares; Seto & Mino

  • Published by Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, 2002
  • 205 X 200 mm
  • Soft cover
  • 176 pages, 200 photos (Color)
  • Language Japanese (English is partial)
  • Here is an exhibition catalog from the Aichi Prefecture Ceramic Museum showing in color photos 200 medieval glazed wares from Seto and Mino. These include eared jars, meiping forms, ewers, incense burners, Buddhist altar wares and bowls among other forms. Three opening essays on history, kiln sites and technique, bilingual photo captions and list of works also included.


Contemporary-Potters-and-Works-of-Japan-Vol-1-West-Division-F4.jpg TITLE: Contemporary Potters and Works of Japan, Vol. 1 West Division
  • Published by Shogakkan, 1996
  • 210 x 257 mm
  • Soft cover
  • 232 pages, 250 photos (color)
  • Language Japanese (some English)
  • The first volume in a series of books that lists contemporary Japanese potters by locale. In this book, potters from the Western division of Japan (Okinawa, Kagoshima, Nagasaki, Saga, Fukuoka, Kochi, Kagawa, Yamaguchi, Okayama, Shimane, Tottori, Hyogo, Osaka, and Nara) are featured, covering over 321 leading artists. With color photographs of one to three works by each artist, a short introduction to each artist and their profiles, addresses, and an easy-to-understand explanation of each artists' ceramic techniques. In Japanese only, except for artist names and addresses written in English.


July-2005-3-Directory-of-Ceramics-Vol-1-Yohen-Yakishime.jpg TITLE: Directory of Ceramics Vol. 1
Yohen and Yakishime

  • Published by Kodansha, 1999
  • 235 mm X 307 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 168 pages, 156 photos (color and B&W )
  • Language Japanese only
  • This book describes the unique Japanese aesthetic sensibility, often associated with the phrase wabi-sabi, which discovers beauty in the asymmetrical cracks and curves of ceramics. This aesthetic concept is explored through 250 different works, featuring early glazing techniques to Yakishime wares, along with ceramics for the tea ceremony made throughout the medieval, Muromachi and Momoyama periods of Japan. Japanese only.


TITLE: Directory of Ceramics Vol. 2
Momoyama Ceramics for the Tea Ceremony

  • Published by Kodansha, 1999
  • 235 x 307 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 168 pages, 151 photos (color and B&W )
  • Language Japanese only
  • In the Momoyama era (mid-to-late 16th century), ceramics evolved from vessels for daily use to ceramics with their own artistic originality and spirituality and used in the Way of Tea. This book features 250 works from the period, including Mino, Karatsu, Agano, Takatori, Hagi and Satsuma wares. This is the second volume of six in the series.


TITLE: Directory of Ceramics Vol. 3 - Raku & Kyoyaki
  • Published by Kodansha, 1999
  • 235 X 307mm
  • Hard cover
  • 152 pages, 129 photos (color and B&W)
  • Language Japanese only
  • During the Azuchi Momoyama era of the late 16th century, the tea ceremony culture gave birth to pottery as an industry in Kyoto. The pottery that developed was a direct embodiment of the tastes of great tea masters, and the pottery strongly represented such aesthetic sensibilities as quality over quantity. This book carries approximately 250 famous works by key Raku potters, including Chojiro, Ninsei, Kenzan, and Koetsu, who pursued Japanese beauty such as �gwabi-sabi�h and �gmiyabi�h (graceful elegance). In Japanese only. 3rd volume in series of six.


TITLE: Gendai Guinomishu
  • Published by Hokushindo, 1995
  • 156 x 216 mm
  • Hard cover
  • 224 pages, 212 photos (color and B&W)
  • Language Japanese only
  • Another fine "picture" book on the world of sake cups (guinomi). Over 350 guinomi shown in color, including all the past Showa greats, and many B&W photos including older works and glass. Most pages have four different shots with a brief bio on each artist. All the major and minor styles are represented. Index of potters in back -- all names also have kanji and hiragana.


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