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This online bookstore and web site is owned and operated by Avis Felix Book Salon in Tokyo. We are a proud member of e-y NET, a growing network of web sites devoted to Japanese ceramics. We are also a member of the Yufuku Group (outside link). Please click the Sister Site button to learn about and visit our web sites and affiliate eStores.

Map to Avis Felix
Map to Avis Felix

Avis Felix is easy to get to from the Aoyama 1-Chome Subway Station (take the Ginza or Hanzamon train line to get to this station). Once outside the station, walk past the Honda building towards Shibuya for about two minutes until you come to the Risona Bank. Turn left at that corner and Avis Felix is down the street on the left just past the barber shop.

Learning About Pottery at Avis Felix
SHORT REVIEW BY: Robert Yellin
 Robert is the host of

Avis Felix Book Salon

photo of books at avis felixWhen I first started learning about Japanese pottery I took every opportunity I could get to see pots. That meant at flea markets, exhibitions, visiting studios, and looking at books almost everyday. Books in particular were, and still are, a wonderful resource. In the beginning I couldn't read Japanese at all but that was alright, the photos spoke a thousand words. I trained my eye to distinguish different styles, periods, and techniques. There are many fine color photo books but the problem was finding them. The local bookstore handled a few, but not many. Combing through the used bookstores of Jimbocho was always a hit and miss situation. A few years ago I was told to visit Avis Felix- boy, was I in for a surprise. Wall to wall books dealing exclusively with pottery, mostly Japanese but Chinese, Korean, and other countries as well. There are a few shelves lined with English books from overseas publishers. The books that I first picked up sixteen plus years ago are there (the zukan photo series) and many that I treasure today. The books cover the gamut of Japanese pottery -- from ancient traditions to modern masters -- all major magazines are available also. I even found a copy of my book there.....

www.yufuku.net/e/The Yufuku Group is composed of two members, both located in the same building in Tokyo, each part of the same corporate family. Click the Yufuku icon (at right) to visit:

  • Yufuku Gallery of Contemporary Ceramics and Applied Art. English-language web site that includes dozens of photos from prior exhibits.
  • Avis Felix Book Store (book salon; the site you are now viewing)


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